Berry Basket Crafts

05/17/2010 at 6:19 PM | Posted in Craft | 1 Comment
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One medium that can be used for mission trip crafts is berry baskets.  Inexpensive and light, if you can think of a good use for them (to hold note cards, napkins, anything!) this could be a good idea.

Items Required: Berry baskets (cheap online), tissue paper, modge podge, brush, ribbon, scissors

I created my first basket by cutting up primary colored regular tissue paper into large strips. I modge-podged it onto the basket, adding several layers. I thought it looked AWFUL!!! 

Then the modge podge dried! All nice and shiny! I did a second layer of smaller strips that overlapped a lot and got a nice end result.


I made a second basket with a similar method, although I wrinkled up my tissue paper and glued it on very messily.  Lastly, I tried wrapping a basket with ribbon.  These particular baskets were hard to weave with, but I’ve seen other baskets that have a more rectangular weave and would look cuter. 

You can also line the inside with paper or fabric, depending on your glue options and what you want to use the baskets for.


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  1. Hi ‘Christy,’
    So glad you stopped by. You can absolutely use the flower pins tutorial here, I appreciate you asking. Link to anything that helps, please! Had to share, God used you in my life yesterday-just these last few days I’ve been really thinking/praying about a mission trip this summer I’ve been putting off for years for a million, unreasonable reasons. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but your comment gave me the direction I want to head in, and I have two more hurdles…oh…and all the fundraising (cringe), but I’m moving forward, and I’ll probably for the rest! I’m following along for sure on your journey here! Don’t be a stranger!

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