Decorated Headbands [teen favorite]

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Modeling a a scrunched fabric headband

Ribbon wrapped headband

This particular craft was extremely popular.  All the women wanted to make extras, although I only saw the teenage girls actually wearing these around the next couple days.

We bought plastic headbands at Oriental Trading. (Item IN-57/6392 in white).  We also brought lots of ribbon and fabric in which to decorate. The trick here is using adhesive/methods that doesn’t involve a lot of dry time, since often times the mission destination can be very humid. 

One simple way to avoid too much adhesive is to just use ribbon to wrap around the entire (or partial) headband. Adorn with a ribbon flower or bow.  One more complicated method I used was to cut strips of fabric around 2.5″ x 18″.  With this I “scrunched” my fabric along the top of the headband, tucking the edges underneath and gluing them down.  

Looks like in the photo below we have one brown ribbon headband shown and then a lot of beading going on.  Beading! Another genius favorite idea.  New post on that to come!

Fabric Headbands


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