Homemade Envelopes: Letters on the go!

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Sometimes on a missions trip you notice someone working hard that you just want to lift up with a nice note. What’s that? You didn’t bring any notecards on your trip? No problem. I bet you have glue (or tape) and some extra paper stashed in your craft caboodle.

Here I made a super tiny card (2.25″ square) and a colorful envelope (3.75″ square).  First I cut small, even triangles out of the sides of each (imagine the notecard going into this envelope at an angle, where one of the corners is the flap.  This helps with the folding.  So the red square on the left is cut and folded. The yellow envelope on the right is what it looks like when you are done glueing your envelope.

Homemade Envelopes

So then it looked like this, sorry, no downloadable template or anything (you are in the missions field, right?)  I used photo tabs (one square one and one cut in half) to seal my envelope. You can use glue, tape, stickers, whatever you have. But mine looked like this:

How I sealed my envelope

So, there you have it! A rudimentary homemade envelope. Give with love. 🙂

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