Mission Trip Crafts is a website born out of a love for Jesus, missions, crafts, and the internet. 

In 2009 I went with a team of folks from my church to the Yucatan. (Mexico). As part of the Women’s Ministry team, it was a challenge coming up with craft ideas that were culturally relevant, not too childish, and that we could pull off in a hut with no electricity. Oh yeah, and, we had to pack all the supplies from the US and get them through customs.  No quick trip to Michael’s for more ribbon!!

Based on ideas of years past and some creative friends and family, we came up with several ideas for the trip. They were super fun and I loved getting to know the women during our craft times.

Upon returing to the US I had a desire to share what we had learned so that other trip planners could benefit from our hard work.  After 9 months of kicking it around in my mind, I finally pulled together this site! Thank you wordpress!!



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  1. OOooOoh!!!!!

  2. I love your site! If I think of more ideas I’ll pass them on to you.

  3. I’m in charge of coordinating crafts for our next missions trip in July to the Dominican republic in July. Last year there were about 80 kids within two services. One service I coordinated to make bead bracelets yes it was messy but worked. The next one was foam bookmarks. This year will be twice as many kids. Any ideas that doesn’t break the bank, no gluing or sewing? Thank you for your help

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