Mission Trip Food! [Celebrations]

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A popular theme I would love to explore in more depth is snacks that can be brought and/or made on a missions trip to eat during the Women’s bible study/crafting time.

On our last trip, we celebrated a birthday for one team member. There were some allergy concerns, and issues with suitcase space, humidity, and other things so we opted for a Rice Krispy Treat cake.  I threw in a couple packages of single serve treats and 2 cans of frosting.  And some sprinkles.

On the big Birthday day, we just covered some clean cardboard with foil, put some frosting down to hold the treats, then arranged them. We stacked some of ours on top as a second layer, or what you could also consider a very flat pyramid. 🙂

Creating our Rice Krispy "cake"

An added bonus with this type of dessert was that since everyone had just eaten lunch – our hands were clean.  Everyone took a treat right off of the tray to eat. We did not have to plan for extra plates or plasticware to serve this dessert!


Feliz Cumpleanos!


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