Twine Wrapped Vase [host gift]

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One thing that is nice to bring along on a trip is a gift for your host family.  I was able to inexpensively transform this garage-sale vase into something a little more stylish.

Here's what I used!

I got glue all over my fingers vase and then wrapped the twine around, a couple inches at a time, making sure to keep it tightly wrapped.

Halfway done!

When I was finished, the glue dried pretty quickly. Now I can bring this to include in my host gift the next time I go to the Yucatan.  You could even do this type of activity in the missions field, if you could find/bring inexpensive vases to wrap.  Twine can add a bit of crafty style to anything!!!

Completed Vase (disregard my ugly tile that it is resting on, and the fact that I use a shoebox lid to contain my glue and paint!)

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