Paper Journals: Super Easy

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One activity that was treasured on a past missions trip was making colorful journals with our women.  We did this on the first or second day, so it wasn’t too complex, mostly just coloring/stamping/ribbon and getting to know their names. (Note: We also had them make nametags, out of a small section of folded manila folder. They re-used these each day and it was very helpful!)

I don’t have a lot of great pictures for this one (I am being lazy) but it did require a little prep work before we left on the trip. We took lots of sheets of plain colored paper and cut them in half (8.5″ x 5.5″).  We cut some manila folders down to the same size for the top and bottom of the journals. We fed all of these through a two-hole puncher to create evenly spaced holes on top (you can see the paper in the picture).

Making paper journals in the Yucatan

When it came time to make the journals with the women, we had them select 15 sheets of paper that they wanted (Our demo version was all the colors, which is what most of them ended up doing as well) plus 2 of the thicker manila folder paper.  They tied their journals together with ribbon and then stamped/drew on the front page.

On a side note, you can use styrafoam (like meat package type) and foamies to cut to make stamps. So they made stamps right there and decorated the journals with them. (For more on styrafoam stamps, see here.)

We tied the theme of the day towards talking to God, writing down our thoughts/prayers, drawing what is special to us (for non-readers).

Assembling her journal


Stamped journal


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